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a photo a day. everyday. for a year. IMG_6345IMG_6355IMG_6406IMG_6413IMG_6441IMG_6513IMG_65106I9A65616I9A65656I9A65976I9A66006I9A66306I9A67256I9A67446I9A6804

1 & 2. Playing football with Daddy.

3 & 4. We have a very serious rockstar on our hands.

5. A moments reprieve from a very serious wrestling match.

6. Very early morning climbing on the couch.

7. 5am tv watching.

8. Tired guy, my first day with my new Mark III, messing around, testing it out, loving it.

9. Serious crafting session.

10. My baby. Perfectly out of focus.

12. A Mr Potato head birthday party.

12. Proud looking dinosaur. There's been a lot of lining up of toys all over the house lately. Found these guys chillin next to the record player

13. Brothers from another mother. Good times, Saturday morning, getting coffee at Pinwheel/Redhook, our favorite local spot.

14. Falling asleep waiting to be pet.

15. Attacking Daddy, overtired before bed.


Winter Shenanigans


Loving his YaYa.2015-01-17_0005

My first baby human with my first baby puppy. love2015-01-17_0006

First fall in the snow.2015-01-17_00072015-01-17_0023

with his DaDa2015-01-17_00222015-01-17_00102015-01-17_00112015-01-17_0012


These next five I almost posted by themselves because they were cracking me up so much, I wasn't sure they shouldn't have their own post. Seriously kid, I love you fiercely.2015-01-17_00132015-01-17_00252015-01-17_00262015-01-17_00272015-01-17_0028

Maybe I should have included this one in that group too cause, I mean, he's totally saying, "yeah, that's right, I threw it!"2015-01-17_00162015-01-17_00172015-01-17_00182015-01-17_0019


***added 10/28/2008***  K, well it did last more than a few seconds.  Thanks Dave, without you I never would have known it... The stupid internet wouldn't let me back on after I posted it so that's why it's still here.  And now that this post has two comments, I love comments! :) , so it's staying. For those of you who care... The good news is that I have realized it is my connection, not my computer or my blog.  I just need to call the cable company now and see what's up.  I'm thinking maybe I need a new modem.   Hopefully I can get it taken care of on Thursday. I should have today, but we had a little bit too much fun last night celebrating the last night in Heathers bed!  (not as dirty as it sounds, sorry guys)  Now I remember why I don't usually go out like that anymore.  Man, I am getting old!   I've always suffered the next day, but now I just can't stand when I waste a whole day by not accomplishing anything.  When I was a kid, it didn't bother me at all!

this is a test post.  if you see it, you just happened to be here for the few seconds it lived before I deleted it.  :)

"L" is for LOVE

That's Canon glass "L"ove.  I rented the 70-200 2.8L IS for Heather's wedding this weekend, because while I have been saving to buy it, I'm not quite there yet.  Of course when the box arrived today I had to hurry up and try out the lens.   Usually stuff that I shoot doesn't make it to the blog this fast, but I was making sure that all my CF cards were ready to go and getting last weekends wedding off the cards and onto the computer, so today's stuff made it here also.   Who is my always willing and ready subject?  Lucy, of course.  So if you've had too much of my puppy lately, you'll want to skip this post! These are just some test shots to get a feel for the lens, but Lucy's such a good looking girl, she'd make any picture look good :) While you will almost never see pictures from me on my blog or website without some kind of sharpening or slight saturation or white balance adjustments, I wanted to show how amazing I think this lens is.  These pics are all straight out of the camera.  No sharpening, no saturation adjustments, no Photoshop or Lightroom at all...Yummy...

**EDIT**so I started to wonder today what the Photoshop'd versions of these photo's would look like next to the original unedited versions.  So since it's my blog and I can edit if I want to :)  I'm editing this post to include versions that have some basic editing done to them, sharpening, saturation, and contrast tweaks.  The originals will be first followed by the edits.

Here she is again with that crazy maniac look on her face!  I love it!  I looked up the tree and I didn't see anything at all, she's a nut!



Our little Lucy has a boyfriend.  His name is Cisco, he's the collie on the right.  He's only a few months older than she is and lucky for us they play together almost everyday.  (You've heard the saying a tired dog makes for a happy owner? That's why we're lucky!)  They LOVE each other and play like crazy.  Right now as I type Lucy is looking out the window longingly wondering when Cisco is going to get here for their nightly date.  She does this every night starting at about 8:30, she's not ashamed to resort to whining sometimes.  Mac is the collie in the middle, he is Cisco's older brother.  Very often he finds their childish shennanigans...well childish.  He stands and barks at them, pleading with them to stop, expressing his annoyance.  (At least that's what we as humans have decided he's saying)  Sometimes when they are wrestling like they are the stars of the WWF, Mac and I will have a photo shoot.

This is what is looks like when you walk out our back door.  You had better have a treat with you, because they are waiting and they expect treats!

Looks a little annoyed doesn't he?

Mac loves to check himself out in the reflection of my lens!  I have so many pics like this!