***added 10/28/2008***  K, well it did last more than a few seconds.  Thanks Dave, without you I never would have known it... The stupid internet wouldn't let me back on after I posted it so that's why it's still here.  And now that this post has two comments, I love comments! :) , so it's staying. For those of you who care... The good news is that I have realized it is my connection, not my computer or my blog.  I just need to call the cable company now and see what's up.  I'm thinking maybe I need a new modem.   Hopefully I can get it taken care of on Thursday. I should have today, but we had a little bit too much fun last night celebrating the last night in Heathers bed!  (not as dirty as it sounds, sorry guys)  Now I remember why I don't usually go out like that anymore.  Man, I am getting old!   I've always suffered the next day, but now I just can't stand when I waste a whole day by not accomplishing anything.  When I was a kid, it didn't bother me at all!

this is a test post.  if you see it, you just happened to be here for the few seconds it lived before I deleted it.  :)