Our little Lucy has a boyfriend.  His name is Cisco, he's the collie on the right.  He's only a few months older than she is and lucky for us they play together almost everyday.  (You've heard the saying a tired dog makes for a happy owner? That's why we're lucky!)  They LOVE each other and play like crazy.  Right now as I type Lucy is looking out the window longingly wondering when Cisco is going to get here for their nightly date.  She does this every night starting at about 8:30, she's not ashamed to resort to whining sometimes.  Mac is the collie in the middle, he is Cisco's older brother.  Very often he finds their childish shennanigans...well childish.  He stands and barks at them, pleading with them to stop, expressing his annoyance.  (At least that's what we as humans have decided he's saying)  Sometimes when they are wrestling like they are the stars of the WWF, Mac and I will have a photo shoot.

This is what is looks like when you walk out our back door.  You had better have a treat with you, because they are waiting and they expect treats!

Looks a little annoyed doesn't he?

Mac loves to check himself out in the reflection of my lens!  I have so many pics like this!

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