"L" is for LOVE

That's Canon glass "L"ove.  I rented the 70-200 2.8L IS for Heather's wedding this weekend, because while I have been saving to buy it, I'm not quite there yet.  Of course when the box arrived today I had to hurry up and try out the lens.   Usually stuff that I shoot doesn't make it to the blog this fast, but I was making sure that all my CF cards were ready to go and getting last weekends wedding off the cards and onto the computer, so today's stuff made it here also.   Who is my always willing and ready subject?  Lucy, of course.  So if you've had too much of my puppy lately, you'll want to skip this post! These are just some test shots to get a feel for the lens, but Lucy's such a good looking girl, she'd make any picture look good :) While you will almost never see pictures from me on my blog or website without some kind of sharpening or slight saturation or white balance adjustments, I wanted to show how amazing I think this lens is.  These pics are all straight out of the camera.  No sharpening, no saturation adjustments, no Photoshop or Lightroom at all...Yummy...

**EDIT**so I started to wonder today what the Photoshop'd versions of these photo's would look like next to the original unedited versions.  So since it's my blog and I can edit if I want to :)  I'm editing this post to include versions that have some basic editing done to them, sharpening, saturation, and contrast tweaks.  The originals will be first followed by the edits.

Here she is again with that crazy maniac look on her face!  I love it!  I looked up the tree and I didn't see anything at all, she's a nut!


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