Winter Shenanigans


Loving his YaYa.2015-01-17_0005

My first baby human with my first baby puppy. love2015-01-17_0006

First fall in the snow.2015-01-17_00072015-01-17_0023

with his DaDa2015-01-17_00222015-01-17_00102015-01-17_00112015-01-17_0012


These next five I almost posted by themselves because they were cracking me up so much, I wasn't sure they shouldn't have their own post. Seriously kid, I love you fiercely.2015-01-17_00132015-01-17_00252015-01-17_00262015-01-17_00272015-01-17_0028

Maybe I should have included this one in that group too cause, I mean, he's totally saying, "yeah, that's right, I threw it!"2015-01-17_00162015-01-17_00172015-01-17_00182015-01-17_0019