366/ 2016/ january

a photo a day. everyday. for a year. IMG_6345IMG_6355IMG_6406IMG_6413IMG_6441IMG_6513IMG_65106I9A65616I9A65656I9A65976I9A66006I9A66306I9A67256I9A67446I9A6804

1 & 2. Playing football with Daddy.

3 & 4. We have a very serious rockstar on our hands.

5. A moments reprieve from a very serious wrestling match.

6. Very early morning climbing on the couch.

7. 5am tv watching.

8. Tired guy, my first day with my new Mark III, messing around, testing it out, loving it.

9. Serious crafting session.

10. My baby. Perfectly out of focus.

12. A Mr Potato head birthday party.

12. Proud looking dinosaur. There's been a lot of lining up of toys all over the house lately. Found these guys chillin next to the record player

13. Brothers from another mother. Good times, Saturday morning, getting coffee at Pinwheel/Redhook, our favorite local spot.

14. Falling asleep waiting to be pet.

15. Attacking Daddy, overtired before bed.