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Our Family Moments // Personal

Lately, I have been posting mostly slideshows from sessions, but historically this blog has been both a mix of my personal photos and happenings and also what I'm doing professionally. I plan to continue sprinkling in personal posts a little more often, because I love having a place to record bits and pieces of our life and share them. As you can imagine, I have so many pictures of our little man. (SO MANY!) However, lately I haven't been getting my camera out as much at home or keeping up on editing the images when I do. One of the reasons that I include an album with every session is because I know that even I don't get things printed like I intend to. I'm looking at and working on photos all the time and have accounts at many professional labs and don't do it! I am vowing to work on my own families pictures a little more often and to share some of them with all of you. 

I am not often in these pictures because I am the one making them, but they still are important to me. AND, we have hired two different photographers this year to come and take our pictures, so I am taking care of the issue of me not being in the photos. I am so excited!

These are from a walk on one of the days recently when it was kind of decent outside for a Michigan winter day. People have always told me I have a lot of expression in my face. I think that maybe my kid takes after me. What do you think?

Moments of Motherhood // Rebecca & Ebenezer

**Soo, facebook has temporarily locked me out of my account. I have no idea how I am going to get back in or how long it will be. Usually, I would share this post on facebook also, but since I can't, if you have it in you, do me a favor if you see this here and leave me a comment. Let me know you've seen the beautiful Rebecca and adorable Ebi. Thanks!!**

These sessions, this documenting of moments between mother and child are not just for stay at home moms, or moms who work part time. Moms who work full time outside of the home need to be reminded just as much that they are doing a great job. To be shown in pictures how valued and important they are as a mom. To show them how their children look at them. All moms deserve to have these memories preserved forever. Working moms who are juggling it all, you are rocking it, You amaze me.

Rebecca is a perfect example of a working mom whose kid adores her. Rebecca works full time, but she is also so present with Ebi. He ADORES her and I love to watch how intently he watches her face to see what she's about to say or do. It's the best. It's a testament to the amazing job that she is doing being his mama.

Every Saturday morning they have the same routine for a couple of hours when it's just the two of them, before her husband wakes up. It is such a simple but special routine and Rebecca recognized that this MOMENT of her motherhood wasn't going to be the same forever, she wanted to capture it, to record it happening to have forever. I'm so glad she did. She recently told me that some of this routine has already changed. Already!

My Personal Moments of Motherhood

Last night while I was putting Milo to sleep, he did what he almost always does and he put his arms around my neck and said "I want to hold you mama!" I swear he is the best hugger, holder of any three year old I've ever seen. He really holds on and it almost feels like he's trying to take care of you. He often puts your head on his shoulder. All of a sudden last night, it hit me so hard, like a punch to the gut, that he wasn't going to do this forever. That someday, nothing like this would be happening with him. That he'd be too big, or too cool, or it'd be inappropriate because of his age. (as a mom, I now think that's totally DUMB! :) )

This seriously hit me in a way that crushed me. But because of that crushing realization, I enjoyed the moment that much more. Let's be honest, I cried a little, but I also enjoyed staying in his embrace that much longer and relished in the moment. It also made me think once again about how important it is to have all of these little moments that I love so much captured. We have booked a photographer to document us, but she isn't coming until the spring. Last night it was too dark to take a photo, but I am going to share this one with you of a little less sleepy, but similar embrace.

This is one of my selfie Moments of Motherhood.

xo, Shelley

xo, Shelley

Moments of Motherhood // Eve, Ayla, & Asher

I'm super excited to share another Moments of Motherhood session with you today! Eve wowed me with her ease at caring for two small children at once. It was so natural and beautiful to watch. I could see the true enjoyment she has in her everyday with Ayla and Asher. It was eye opening to me, to try and remember to be better myself at enjoying each moment. My whole goal of these sessions is to show mothers the beauty in the seemingly small parts of their day. But with Eve, she unknowingly reminded me to notice those moments in my own days as much, if not more, than I was going to be showing them to her. 

Eve, thank you for having me and, as the Torgerson's say, thank you for being you. I enjoyed my time with you all so much. xo

Moments of Motherhood // Kelly, Seity, & Ronan

I am so excited to share with you a session of another amazing mama, Kelly, and her two adorable little guys. This mama is so natural in her parenting. There is a constant calm and ease that I could tell wasn't put on for me, but is who she is as a mama. I am honored to have been able to witness part of their day and to have been able to freeze these moments for them. Thank you Kelly, xo mama.

Moments of Motherhood // Lauri, Felix, & Eliza

Today I am sharing a session that is special not only because it is of yet another beautiful mama and her babies, but this mama is also my sister. Lauri recently accepted a new full time job, a job that is her dream job. It is very exciting for her and her family, but this meant transitioning from being a full time, stay at home mom to being a full time working mom. Even with all the excitement there was still a little bit of sadness about closing this chapter of her life to begin another one. We both felt it was super important document one of her days at home with Felix and Eliza before they embarked on this new exciting beginning. I love these three so much! xo