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Ashley | Moments of Motherhood™ | Metro Detroit Family Photographer

I am overdo with sharing this session (and a couple others) with you!! Over spring break we all had some kind of virus that basically kicked our a$$es for two full weeks. I am playing catch up now, which isn't all bad. Being sick sucked, don't get me wrong, but there were some wonderful moments of love and cuddles, and down time that our little family seemed to really need. And the upside to trying to squeeze more work into less time is that it feel good in a way to get more done. And it's so fun to edit through these sessions and see all of your moments. 

It's not always easy finding the harmony that works for each of us, balancing motherhood with working or with caring for ourselves and our other relationships, but it helps me a little to try and find something I appreciate in each thing that happens. I am working on finding my balance, my appreciation. I am working on my limiting beliefs about time and how there never seems to be enough of it. I know rationally that this does not have to be my truth! Figuring out how to change this for myself is a journey and I am loving it. I am a true believer that having children is the best window into who we really are and if we allow it to it will open our eyes to see where we need the most work. Don't worry, I'm still normal, and totally lose my shit first sometimes or start to feel overwhelmed.... I just know it's not where I want to be.

That was totally not on purpose, but I think that is a perfect segway into Ashley's session. Ashley is not only a gorgeous mama with two adorable sons, a very nice husband, and a sweet dog, she is a mama who really seems to roll with the punches and enjoy the little moments. You can totally see that in these images. Make sure you notice when Logan is painting at the kitchen counter. The faces Ashley makes are perfect! There is so much love in this family and Logan is hilarious. I love seeing all of the little things that kids do that seem SO silly, but that we don't think about day to day because they're just always doing them and Logan delivered big time. 

Thank you Ashley because just watching you with the boys was a reminder to me to let the little stuff go, to remain calm, to enjoy our children being children. Your boys are lucky to have you as their mama and will benefit so much from these qualities you bring to parenting them. Thanks for having me and allowing me a peek into your Moments of Motherhood.  xoxoxo 


Watch the slideshow below! 

Moments of Motherhood // Jenny & Gabriel & Ian

This session is going to be a little bit different than the others I have shared with you so far. One of the most important things to me in doing these sessions is that what I capture is a true representation of what each mothers time is like with her child or children on a daily basis. That the beauty and worth of this time right now is captured and preserved, before it is gone. I want for mothers to see, right now, how amazing they are with their children, how funny some of the moments are, and how at every session there is at least one moment where the mom is making a face while looking at a child that says something like "are you serious?!" Seeing each others sessions shows us that we are all alike, we are all great mothers and we all, hilariously, have moments where we might roll our eyes or make an "are you kidding me face?!"  So what is different about this session? None of that. Jenny is gorgeous and Gabriel adores her and looks up at her with love and anticipation (I love that look!). I teared up at least once while photographing them, just like I have with every other session.

What's different here is that you are going to see Dad in some of the pictures. Jenny and Gabriel get to see and spend time with Ian throughout the day because he works from home. He takes breaks from his work to come out and spend time with and play with Gabriel and be with both of them. Their Moments of Motherhood involves Ian being a part of their daytime routine. My vision for my work comes from a place of being a mother, of feeling like sometimes what I do is monotonous and not that important, from knowing that it really is though, and realizing I see and notice all of this in other mothers with their children. It is still so important to me that I show that to other mothers, that I give them a slice of this time with their children and show them their worth. It was never because I don't think dads totally rock, because they do. My husband is proof of that. And it is obvious that Gabriel adores Ian and that he is proof of that. Mothers are still my primary focus. But, that doesn't mean that I don't ever want to capture the whole family or that I am going to leave out big parts of their day because Dad might be in the picture. Just like in motherhood, everything is a learning experience. You expand and grow and open your heart to new ideas, new understandings. It sometimes humbles you and makes you rethink how you approach something. That is true here too. For Jenny and Gabriel, this is their Moments of Motherhood. 

 xo to all three of you, thank you for having me. I truly loved my time with your family.


Moments of Motherhood // Lauri, Felix, & Eliza

Today I am sharing a session that is special not only because it is of yet another beautiful mama and her babies, but this mama is also my sister. Lauri recently accepted a new full time job, a job that is her dream job. It is very exciting for her and her family, but this meant transitioning from being a full time, stay at home mom to being a full time working mom. Even with all the excitement there was still a little bit of sadness about closing this chapter of her life to begin another one. We both felt it was super important document one of her days at home with Felix and Eliza before they embarked on this new exciting beginning. I love these three so much! xo