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Moments of Motherhood // Lauri, Felix, & Eliza

Today I am sharing a session that is special not only because it is of yet another beautiful mama and her babies, but this mama is also my sister. Lauri recently accepted a new full time job, a job that is her dream job. It is very exciting for her and her family, but this meant transitioning from being a full time, stay at home mom to being a full time working mom. Even with all the excitement there was still a little bit of sadness about closing this chapter of her life to begin another one. We both felt it was super important document one of her days at home with Felix and Eliza before they embarked on this new exciting beginning. I love these three so much! xo



366 / 2016/ Part Two

While I haven't been as diligent as I would have liked so far with my 366 project, I do still plan to continue and aim for daily photos. I'm sure I could have made it happen, but my excuses lately are many. Milo has been sick, we haven't been leaving the house much, and also at the same time Milo has starting to give up his nap sometimes. He has also been waking up between 5:00 and 5:30 am everyday. My time to myself has been limited and to be honest, I'm exhausted and many days flat out forgot to take any pictures. So are the joys of mothering a toddler. Considering I don't have pictures from everyday, some of these are from the same day. This project is about personal growth and capturing our memories, so I am being flexible with myself on the rules and the format. 1 & 2.  Two from "Superhero's need Daddy's too"

3.  An after dinner walk around the block. I remembered last minute that I hadn't taken any pictures this day and grabbed my camera when we got back home.

4. Sick guy, eating toast and watching Netflix.

5 & 6. More sick guy. He was suffering a bit this day.

7. But he was still able to find a little of his silly.

8. Lots of love for Thomas the blue Train, as Milo calls him, in this house. Also, there are always animals everywhere.

9 & 10. The ever regal Murphs, he truly believes that this is his furniture.

11. Bat shit crazy Mugsy. But we love her.

12. As crazy as she is, she is so tolerant with Milo and he seems to be the nicest to her of all the animals.

13. Decorating the new "house" Daddy brought home from work.

Alexis || Senior Portrait Photography || Ferndale, MI

Seriously girl, you are gorgeous! I am super late posting this session. I remember while shooting it I couldn't believe how tired I was, like different than ever before tired. It was about a week later that I found out I was pregnant and then during my pregnancy I was so nauseous, I accomplished hardly anything. Then throw a little baby into the mix and well... those are my excuses, that is why this post is way late coming, but a girl a gorgeous as this, I rather share late than not at all! Alexis, I love them too much to keep them from you any longer  ;) you totally rocked this session and I hope you love them as much as I do! XO

**Hair and makeup by the amazing Christine Fitzpatrick:  Website/Facebook


for family // Lauri & Ryan {Detroit area wedding photography}


Lauri is my sister, my baby sister, and she begged, kinda, on facebook of all places. She didn't call me, or text me, or heaven forbid stop by since I live, literally, around the block. No, she called me out on facebook, with a plea to please see just one pic from her wedding, now. The pressure! :) So because she is my baby sister, and I am a total sucker for my siblings, I am skipping over a bunch of other things I should post and am posting for Lauri.  Hey that's what family is for right? :)

Lauri, you asked for one, so I'm giving you two.  Seriously you guys looked so amazing! Thank you for making it look like I am so good at this by being such a gorgeous couple!

...there will be more, plenty more