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pure summer joy

2015-07-21_0001 Summer, cousins, trains, & running.

Nothing could be better in this little guys mind. Not to mention, this day also included family, swimming, pizza, ice cream, exploring, and frogs. This is a face of joyful contentment. This one has been bumped up high on my list of all time favorite images. Fourth of July 2015

for family // Lauri & Ryan {Detroit area wedding photography}


Lauri is my sister, my baby sister, and she begged, kinda, on facebook of all places. She didn't call me, or text me, or heaven forbid stop by since I live, literally, around the block. No, she called me out on facebook, with a plea to please see just one pic from her wedding, now. The pressure! :) So because she is my baby sister, and I am a total sucker for my siblings, I am skipping over a bunch of other things I should post and am posting for Lauri.  Hey that's what family is for right? :)

Lauri, you asked for one, so I'm giving you two.  Seriously you guys looked so amazing! Thank you for making it look like I am so good at this by being such a gorgeous couple!

...there will be more, plenty more