Our Family Moments // Personal

Lately, I have been posting mostly slideshows from sessions, but historically this blog has been both a mix of my personal photos and happenings and also what I'm doing professionally. I plan to continue sprinkling in personal posts a little more often, because I love having a place to record bits and pieces of our life and share them. As you can imagine, I have so many pictures of our little man. (SO MANY!) However, lately I haven't been getting my camera out as much at home or keeping up on editing the images when I do. One of the reasons that I include an album with every session is because I know that even I don't get things printed like I intend to. I'm looking at and working on photos all the time and have accounts at many professional labs and don't do it! I am vowing to work on my own families pictures a little more often and to share some of them with all of you. 

I am not often in these pictures because I am the one making them, but they still are important to me. AND, we have hired two different photographers this year to come and take our pictures, so I am taking care of the issue of me not being in the photos. I am so excited!

These are from a walk on one of the days recently when it was kind of decent outside for a Michigan winter day. People have always told me I have a lot of expression in my face. I think that maybe my kid takes after me. What do you think?