Moments of Motherhood // Natalie & Shai

Let me tell you a little about Natalie and Shai, I am in love with the beauty and the twin-ness (yeah, I'm making up words) of these two, but even more so, I'm in love with their moments. Not that I didn't notice it while I was there, I did, but when I was sitting at my computer editing this session I couldn't get over how often they are gazing at each other and how they are making the same face while doing so! This mama and baby have such a connection you can feel it. And it isn't all beauty and no brains over there. Make sure while you are watching the slideshow that you keep an eye out for the hilarious faces and gestures Shai makes, I was actually laughing out loud while going through these images. It is obvious that Natalie is raising a strong and independent little lady who is going to make us all proud. She goes from expressing exactly what she wants in one photo and then in the next she's gazing at her mama with such love. It was such a pleasure to capture all of these moments.

Natalie, thank you for having me and welcoming me into your beautiful home. I look forward to watching your little lady grow up :)


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