Moments of Motherhood // Stacy, Connor, & Nora

Instantly, I LOVED watching the relationship between Connor and Nora. Conner is so attentive and caring towards Nora and both of them are so loving towards each other. They already have such a great relationship at such young ages. I think this is a testament to the wonderful mama Stacy is and spending time with her, Connor, and Nora in their home was so easy and comfortable. Not to mention their wonderful fur babies, who I'm not afraid to admit, kinda loved me instantly ;) Being the mom of an only child, I am often in awe of moms who balance caring for more than one child and Stacy did so with such ease. Stacy, thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to document your moments of motherhood. xoxo

I hope all you enjoy their slideshow as much as I enjoyed making their pictures!