Day in the Life // Jenna, Adam, & Myka {Rochester Family Photographer}

A little preface before the introduction to this family: **This session is a little bit different than my usual session. My vision, my goal, my heart, what lights me up is showing mothers the beauty in their everyday. Sometimes it is so hard to see how important and how meaningful it all is when you are in the thick of diaper changes, growth spurts, spit up, and temper tantrums. I feel called to show mothers how valuable and important all of these little moments with their children are, to show them what a great job they are doing and how much it means to their children. In no way does that mean that I don't see and know the value that fathers bring to the family and to their children's life. My husband is my son's hero and nothing about his life would be nearly as good without him being a part of it. However, being a mother myself, having many mom friends, I know that in general we are harder on ourselves than the guys are on themselves. I'm not saying we should be, but if we're being honest with ourselves, we usually are.

While my main focus remains the relationship between mothers and their children, there are times when a family wants a A Day in the Life session, a session that includes everyone. I love Day in the Life sessions and I am totally open to doing them. I am honestly so happy and honored to document the moments of a day that are part of a family's life. This beautiful family below is one of those families.**


Immediately upon meeting Jenna at a Mompreneur meet up at Honey in Ferndale, I knew I liked her. Her energy was so genuine and positive and she was so easy to talk to. A moment later I was fortunate enough to experience that same energy coming from this adorable little blue eyed lady, Jenna's daughter Myka. As she started to interact with me I started to feel very special because this adorable little girl, who didn't know me, seemed to love me. After talking a bit more with Jenna I found out that this is how Myka always is, she is a HAPPY baby. (I still felt special, why ruin that;) ) After spending time with Jenna and Adam at their house, it is easy to see why Myka is so amazing. She is adored by both of her parents who have such an easy going and calm energy. And I mean look at these pictures, this is an adorable family!

Jenna and Adam, it was such a joy to come and spend time with you in your home and to witness and capture your moments. I can't wait til we do it again next year ;) Thank you, thank you!

xo, Shelley