Moments of Motherhood // Rebecca & Ebenezer

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These sessions, this documenting of moments between mother and child are not just for stay at home moms, or moms who work part time. Moms who work full time outside of the home need to be reminded just as much that they are doing a great job. To be shown in pictures how valued and important they are as a mom. To show them how their children look at them. All moms deserve to have these memories preserved forever. Working moms who are juggling it all, you are rocking it, You amaze me.

Rebecca is a perfect example of a working mom whose kid adores her. Rebecca works full time, but she is also so present with Ebi. He ADORES her and I love to watch how intently he watches her face to see what she's about to say or do. It's the best. It's a testament to the amazing job that she is doing being his mama.

Every Saturday morning they have the same routine for a couple of hours when it's just the two of them, before her husband wakes up. It is such a simple but special routine and Rebecca recognized that this MOMENT of her motherhood wasn't going to be the same forever, she wanted to capture it, to record it happening to have forever. I'm so glad she did. She recently told me that some of this routine has already changed. Already!