A Day in the Work Life of Nikkita Cohoon

Graphic designer Nikkita Cohoon at home.

"Collaboration has always been a value I bring to my client work, honoring my client’s vision and passion for their business, and using my expertise to bring that vision out in their branding. As my business grows and changes, I’ve realized how important collaboration is within my business itself. Fellow entrepreneurs will understand how many hats you wear as a business owner, but there is so much value in partnering with other experts in the areas you are weak in, whether that’s design, copywriting, or in this case photography." -Nikkita Cohoon


This beautiful human is Nikkita of nikkita.co. Nikkita is an extremely talented graphic designer who specializes in branding and book design. Her talent, however, doesn't stop at her design skills. If you're like me, you want help figuring out what it is that you want in your branding and Nikkita has a system set in place to help you figure out how your branding can really represent you and your product or service. If you are fortunate to work with her you will see for yourself that her presence is both inspiring and calming. Add to that the fact that both how she carries herself and interacts with others is filled with such grace and you can't go wrong whether it's working with her or being her friend. Nikkita and I are in a small mastermind group of strong, powerful, passionate, and compassionate women, her contribution to our group is huge. Imagine my excitement when this talented lady hired me to document A Day in her Work Life. I mean, gorgeous woman, gorgeous house, and amazing to be around? Yes please! 

Collaboration is something that Nikkita is passionate about and I feel honored to have been chosen to be someone with whom she collaborates and someone who I can also call a friend. Thank you Nikki!!  

Little boy runs to be with his mama.
Mom laughing at kid taking her pen.

As a working mom who mostly works from home, Nikkita's schedule it not traditional and often one of her two littles are running around or "assisting" while she works. Balancing being a mom and working is not easy for anyone. And working for yourself and working from home, while being a mom, brings about an entirely different set of challenges. Capturing the beauty and harmony of this process is something that I am passionate about. If you are a small business owner or if you are a small business owner and a mom and you'd like to have me document a Day in your Work Life, use the contact button above or email me at shelley@shelleytorgerson.com

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