Masked Milo || Documentary Family Photography

December 26, 2017. The day after Christmas and I'm not gonna lie, my kid had been in these pajamas for two days. Just take a look at the knees and you will see the evidence of many hours of him pushing around his new Ghostbuster car in that chimpanzee like "walk" that kids often do. How do they even do that for so long?! With one knee bent and up and one knee down on the ground their body leaning to that side with one hand on the ground, pulling themselves around. Anyway! Milo's little buddy and his mama, our friends, came down this day with a gift for Milo. A set of two of these masks that came with all the supplies to decorate them with stars and lightning bolts and glittery stickers. Needless to say, he loved them. He couldn't even wait to decorate them to try one on.

The second Milo put this mask on his whole demeanor transformed. He starting walking around slowly and thoughtfully. He didn't speak at all, and I'll be honest, my kids a talker. He slowly slithered up to Lucy and sat with her, and then quietly with Murphy. I would see him start thinking and then make a face and then another. He leapt from the couch to the ottoman and back again, stopping to carefully study himself in the mirror. I would have loved to be inside his head, to hear what scheme he was planning or what powers he was now imagining he had. I grabbed my camera and he was so in his own head, he didn't even pay attention to me. These photos are from that day. 

Boy sitting with his dog.
Boy sitting with his dog staring off.
Little boy in superhero mask.
Little boy snuggling his golden retriever.
Superhero boy and his dog.
Boy falling off couch.
Kid smooshing face in mask.
Kid in superhero mask sitting with his dog.
Boy making face while sitting with dog.
Boy with superhero mask.
Kid sitting with dog on couch.
Dog looking at boy.
Boy running on couches.
Boy looking at himself in mirror.
Kid in superhero costume looking in mirror.
Boy throwing up superhero cape in mirror.
Boy staring at himself in costume.