Holliday & Wilma | Moments of Motherhood | Royal Oak Family Photographer


I'm so fortunate to have spent time with another amazing mama. Holliday is so full of love, patience, and kindness, with a little bit of humor thrown in that makes you want to hug her. It's hard to for me to explain it exactly, because it's not like Holliday was cracking jokes or laughing out loud constantly while I was there, but there is a sense of grinning with appreciation she has while being with Wilma. It's such a good feeling to be around and it makes me grin while thinking about it now.

I am especially in love with their nursing photos. Maybe it's because it's been over a year since that part of mine and Milo's relationship has ended and it was a time with Milo that I cherished so much. For us it was such a special time of bonding and connection, now that I know better, I wish so hard that I had more than just my own selfies of me nursing him. It makes me so happy when I am able to capture this for other mamas.  

Holliday & Wilma, thank you for having me,  xoxoxo


At the bottom is a slideshow from their session, it's my favorite way to view the pictures I've made after being with a family. (If you'd like to view it larger, click the square in the bottom right corner.) 

Mom putting sweater on kid.
Little girl looking up.
Toddler biting the counter.
Little girl running from mom.
Girl and mom doing puzzle.
Mom getting daughter dressed.
Little girl putting eating toy.
Mom and baby girl together.
Getting ready for nap time.
Mom and baby naptime.