Me, through the years?

I came across this on another photographers blog.  It's called  I have to say it is way too fun!  For some reason I couldn't save the pics through their site, but you are supposed to be able to, maybe it doesn't work on Mac's.  Anyway, I became so obsessed with it I took a screen shot of a lot of them.  There were some where my face just didn't fit in, but I didn't leave many out.  One thing that I suprised me while doing this is that I think I like myself with short hair better. I love 1958, it totally reminds me of Patsy Cline.  1974 is the year I was born and scarily enough I think that is exactly what my mom's hair looked like when she gave birth to me!  My other favorite is 1976.  How fun is that hair!  Do you think I could get away with that hair now?  I love it!  The scariest thing is that 1984-1994, I think I've had some form of all those haircuts (not that they're much different from eachother) and they are by far the worst hair in the last 50 years!  Ok 1980 is pretty scary too!  1998 is just...wrong!  And 2000 was only 8 years ago and I don't remember anyone having that hair!  Do you?

So here it is, a whole lotta me!

1952                                                    1958                                                  1960

1962                                                 1964                                                 1966

1968                                                 1972                                                 1974

1976                                                    1978                                                  1980

1984                                                1988                                                   1990

1992                                              1994                                                    1996

1998                                              2000

Now go and try it!  Send me some emails of what you guys look like!>