Brother Jones

Tommy is the youngest of the four of us. The baby. While all of us are smart and talented, he really blows us all away. T-toe Brown, as we sometimes call him, has so much artistic talent in so many different ways it's amazing that it can all fit into one package like that. He can draw and paint, and do it well. He is hilarious and cracks us up all the time. Recently we told him what a great storyteller he is and he thought we were crazy, but he is. He can entertain and captivate an audience like nobody's business. Did I mention he's funny? So funny. And he is an amazing musician. Self taught. He sings, and writes his own music. Truly amazing.

If you want to check out some of his songs go to his myspace page Lee Jr

He's also the drummer in Cowboy Messiah

I took some pics of him randomly at our BBQ a while back and thought I'd share some. The first two also include my wonderful, lovable, hug-able, cuz, Ryan. (My family is fantastic. I am very lucky!)

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