TV Time

My friend Andy is a graphic designer and we have a similar taste in all things visual. Recently when our mutual friend Erin was choosing the picture for the birth announcements of her new baby, Andy and I both picked the same picture giving her reasons that she said were scarily similar. When Andy passed by all these old TV's lined up on the curb for the garbage he saw a great picture and took me by there. Just as we were about to leave, the owner of the house and the TV's came home and we were able to talk with him and get a little bit of his story. He had recently retired and was in the process of cleaning out some of the things that he had been collecting over the years. He told us how when he sees these TV's out for the trash somewhere he would have to pick them up because he couldn't stand to see these perfectly good TV's being wasted. Well, he had gotten to a point where he realized that he just wasn't going to do anything with them. He was hopeful that someone would take them from his curb. By the time we got there, the smallest, a blue TV, the one he knew would be first to go, had been taken. He is also an amateur photographer and was proudly wearing his Nikon around his neck. Those of you who know me, know that this is a man I can relate to! Tim and I are never too proud to pick something great out of the garbage. Our living room is sporting a great 1950's RCA in a pale wood casing and a Victrola connection, courtesy of a curb in Ferndale. And you all know how much I love my camera!

The black and whites are all lined up in the front. The three TV's in the back are color.