rockin it out in the lot

I have been anticipating seeing Radiohead live for many, many years. They don't play in Detroit, so I've been waiting to be able to see them out of town somewhere. They were playing in Cleveland this past Monday and this time, I was there! We arrived at the Blossom Music Center early Monday evening in order to hang out in the lot for awhile before the show started. I was able to grab some pretty decent pics in the lot before hand. Inside the show was a different story, I was so mad at myself for not taking my camera and the iPhone just wasn't cutting it in the low light. The shots I tried to take inside of the show just didn't turn out that great. What really, really sucks about this, is that the setup of the show was amazing. They would have made for great pictures. When will I learn? Kicking myself again now.

This seems to be a running theme in my life, I think that it will be better not to have to worry about my camera, and I am mad at myself just about every time! I now vow to myself to just take the damn thing everywhere. It's better to have it and not use it, then to want it and not have it.

Anyway here are some really fun ones from before the concert. On most of them I used some Photoshop actions (TRA, love them!) to change tone and coloring, etc. But there really wasn't much other editing. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the camera on the iPhone in good light.

Check it out:

Wesley, I love you! (isn't this effect that makes it look old fun?)

Brother Jones, caught singing a tune

the gang

Heidi and Mike, don't you just LOVE that back lighting, I love it!

and another, great face Heida

I was so in love with the light that I decided to do a lil self portrait session. This one is not the most flattering, but it was too funny not to post!

Little did I know that Heidi was sneaking into all the pics!

oh look...there she is again!

...and again...

Me and Timmey, he makes me a little crazy sometimes :)

The fold on the bottom of my pants was pretty big, they all found it kinda funny and were trying to use the cuff as a pouch to transport things. This one is completely unedited, this is exactly how it came outta the phone. Love the motion. Not too shabby!

Tommy always wears the best smelling deodorant. We all know this and are very willingly to smell his armpit whenever he asks us to. Here's Michael doing just that. He was not, however, the first that night. (This one is also straight outta the phone.)

Tim and I have zero decent pictures of ourselves, so I figured I take a few of us while I was at it.