I Love Lucy || Metro Detroit Family Photographer

Tim and I tried to get pregnant for three years. One day Tim was about to take the dogs for a walk. I was sitting on the porch. When he called Lucy down to the walk so they could leave, she glued herself to my legs and refused to leave me. When Tim came up on the porch and tried again to get her to go with him, she basically tried to crawl behind me. Tim immediately said to me "Maybe you're pregnant?!" After three years of negative tests, I said no way. But he was right, Lucy knew it before any of us, and about a week later I finally got my positive test. And for the next nine months Lucy did not leave my side. These are my two babies. I'm so happy to have captured their love, a love that started when Milo was basically a glimmer in our eye, just the size of a little lentil, a lentil that Tim and I didn't even know existed yet.  

Boy cuddling with his dog.