We are so fortunate to live in a neighborhood with quite a few children close to Milo's age. Including my sister and her family living across the street from us. This is Milo, Delilah, and my nephew Felix reading on the couch together as they often do.  These three kiddos love each other and interact like siblings, having secret little conversations, play together easily, hug each other, and share toys, but don't let me kid you, with that comfort comes all the hitting, shoving, and yelling too. Luckily all of us moms understand that they are just kids being kids. We have come to love Del and her awesome parents. Milo seems to already have what might be a "schoolboy love" for her. He asks for her when she's not around, calls the girls in his books Del, but then alternates between shoving her and hugging her when he sees her. I have often wondered if someday Felix and Milo will be fighting over her? For now, those two are kind of just in love with each other. Milo plays better with Felix than anyone else. He adores and looks up to his big cousin already. This is the calm after the storm after they all had cake at Milo's second birthday party. Right before this they were... I don't even know how to describe it, let's just say there were moments where I thought their heads were going to start spinning. It was hilarious and slightly frightening at the same time. Sugar is a powerful drug! I will have to share some of those photos with you soon too. They are pretty funny. IMG_3206-EditIMG_3208-EditIMG_3209-Edit