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Andria, Troy, & Delcan | Moments of Motherhood™ | Metro Detroit Family Photography

One of the things that's so great about doing Moments of Motherhood and Day in the Life Sessions, is that I get to see how much people love their kids. Of course we all assume and hope that parents love their children, but to see it in person, to FEEL it, is such a privilege and I am so thankful that this is such a part of my work. I get to see and capture people loving their kids, and their kids loving them. I get to forever preserve that love in these moments of time, when children are small, when families spend a lot of time together, these times that change so quickly, and then I get to give these moments to these families for them to have forever. I can't express to you how much I love that. 

Watching Andria and Troy with Declan was extra fun for me, because they reminded me so much of me and Tim with Milo when Milo was that age. You can see that they are obsessed with Declan, in the best way and he's this little guy who is just so sweet and full of love. Normally their days consist of Andria and Declan being home while Troy goes to work, so we started with a Moments of Motherhood session, so that I could capture some of their time together, as it is everyday. Then Troy came home from work a little bit early so that we could get him in some of the pictures too. This is a great idea if you are a mom who wants a Moments of Motherhood session, but also don't want to leave your husband or partner out of the session completely. (I know that they are important too ;))

Thank you Andria and Troy I loved seeing and capturing your families love. And thank you Declan for being the cutest little snuggler and for even allowing me to hold and snuggle you a little bit too. That is always a bonus! 


Mother holding baby
Little boy crying.
Mother and baby on floor.
Baby gazing out the window.
Baby smooshing face on window.
Couple smiling at each other.
Dad and baby playing.

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