Documentary Family Photography, Do It For Now

The more personal development work I get into, and believe me, I’ve been getting pretty deep, the more I realize how important right now is, how now is really all we have. But you might be asking, okay, but what does that have to do with documentary family photography?

Seeing yourselves now is a reason to have documentary family photos made of your family that isn’t talked about as much. The reasons that involve the future are important and valid. It’s heart warming and wonderful to think of your family 10-20 years from now pouring over these photographs reminiscing about the old days. Or thinking of your grandkids flipping though your album of theses photographs, being able to get a feel for what a day was like for your family. Having this heirloom to pass down for generations, all of that is beautiful and wonderful reasons to have your family’s day documented.

But what about right now? Feeling all the feelings NOW, seeing your value NOW, loving on each other NOW, pour over photographs of your family right NOW, and really see all that you are together, right NOW.

It's funny how it's almost coming full circle, what really got me started with documentary family photography years ago was my desire to show moms their right now, their everyday, and how much they're valued.

The little intricacies of being a mom, a parent, I was seeing them go unrecognized. I was seeing the moms I know not seeing the value in all of their little everyday moments. How their kids looked at them, how they casually grabbed for their mama's hand, how they buried their heads into their mama's neck when they were upset or feeling shy, how they would look across the room to connect eyes with their mom for reassurance. I wanted to show moms how important their time at home is, how important their time with their kids is, how much it means to their children.

These moments we have with each other, with those we love, they are everything.

So have your family's photographs made for the future, cherish and revisit them for years to come, tell your kids all about what they were like in those photos, tell your grandkids all about what their parents were like while showing them what it felt like with an album of moment filled photographs. BUT also DO IT FOR NOW, do it to see right this minute that your family is full of love, that your family is imperfectly perfect right now.

What’s stopping you? Have your day documented. Have your family's pictures made.

Baby so excited about mom. Royal Oak, Ferndale Family Photographer