Willow | Fresh 48 | Ferndale Documentary Newborn Photographer


The first few days after our baby is born it's a time when our babies and their smell and their faces are so new to us, but so familiar at the same time. The time when we are in awe each time we look at them because we can't believe they are finally here, but we also can feel that they belong here with us. When we suddenly can't believe we have this tiny baby to care for, but also cannot believe they were ever not a part of our lives. These first hours are so fleeting, and so much is happening, so much newness, so little sleep. I don't know about you, but for me, there was so much love, but also, so much going through the motions. My memory of this time is such a blur. It's such a whirlwind and then when we try to think back it's hard to remember, "What was it really like?" They grow quickly and it's hard to remember how little they really were.

A Fresh 48 session solves that for you, it allows you to remember what it felt like right after your new baby was born. All the tiny parts, how at only a day old, they already looked at you with love, how they already knew that you were theirs. The joy and the tiredness. The looks between parents while thinking "we did this, this beautiful baby is ours." It's all beautiful, all beautifully real. And it's all captured in photographs, forever.

Baby Willow has been a long awaited and welcome blessing to her family and all those who love them and now her. I am so honored to have been welcomed into this sacred and special time in all of their lives. Thank you Erin and Adrian. I love you all.