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NY 2009 || Detroit Photographer

At the end of January Tim and I went to New York City.  We LOVE New York and we had a fantastic time.  (even though we kinda missed our pups!)  We didn't do anything specific, just walk around, visit museums and galleries, hang out in Central Park, and eat perfect street pizza!  (man do we love the pizza!)  You might be asking right now, "January?"  Yes, I know, it is now June.  What can I say?  I haven't worked on anything personal in quite a while, but don't worry, all of a sudden, I feel compelled to work on everything!  I'm still going though all the pics, but here are some of my favs so far.







something about this shot... I can't stop looking at it...absolute fav




May I take your order?

If you were anything like us when we were kids, you thought going to A&W and having hot dogs and root beer from a yellow plastic tray that hung on your window was the greatest thing ever!  The only thing that we found cooler than the fact that we were eating in the car was that in order to get them to bring us our food we had to press a button and talk to someone we couldn't even see.  (Ok, ok, we really, really loved the tiny little glass A&W root beer mugs we got to drink out of and even take home!  I think there is still one floating around my family somewhere and I swear one of these day's I'm gonna snatch it!) Awhile back Tim, Lucy, and I got in the car and picked up Ryan to go do one of my favorite things ever, walk around Detroit and take pictures.  For some reason though, we just weren't feeling it that day.  We ended up driving around aimlessly.  All the way down Fort we drove, out of Detroit and into down river when all of a sudden I did quick u-turn.  I almost passed this abandoned A&W type restaurant with all of the speaker boxes still standing in sad rows, all leaning, with all their guts hanging out.  Sometimes it doesn't matter if you spend hours not finding anything if in the end you get just one great shot, it always seems worth it.  Now, I'm not too sure that they were as excited as I was, but I love falling down, old, broken, and used things.  They have a history and character that makes for great photographs.