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Heidi & Mau-de {cleveland}

Enough of me already!  I'm tired of the top post on the blog being pictures of me...ughh!  There are so many things that I would like to post about.  I really need to be better at posting more often!  So lets push me down a bit in the blog and look at Heidi and Mike for a bit! While we were in Cleveland to see Radiohead we were walking around the city.  I of course brought my camera.  Being that Heidi and Mike were with us, I thought it would be perfect to do some couple shots of them.  Heidi is great at being a model.  She's done it before and is very willing to pose and move around without feeling too silly.  Michael was a different story!  He wasn't quite as into it as a photographer would like the model to be, but I have been known to be persuasive.  I was able to get him to cooperate for a bit. Here are some shots I did get and liked...

When they were warming up to the idea and posing was making them laugh, I was able to grab this very genuine laugh.

I loved this door way, the doors were beautiful!

I have a feeling Mike gets this look from Heidi quite a bit :)



...and one of the beautiful Heidi by herself