Tripp's first day on earth

I told you there'd be more

Erin Gregory (now Erin Hickey) and I have been friends since we were two years old. When I was young my mom was pretty worried that something was going to happen to me. As a result, I didn't have as much freedom as Erin did. That did not stop us though, if I wasn't allowed to go outside and play, Erin would come sit on my front porch and play Barbies through the screen door with me. And even though I knew that it was impossible for her to differentiate between the ants on Mrs Hill's sidewalk. The ones she called her friends. I didn't say anything. She loved those ants! Now that is true friendship! Being friends for as long as we have really makes us more like sisters. Her and her children and her husband Billy are truly my family. So that is why there have been so many pictures of Braylin and now there will be so many pictures of Tripp also. Good thing her kids are so darn good looking!

Braylin's first look at her baby brother

All she wanted to do at first was feed him and give him a "binky"

To celebrate her becoming a big sister I took Braylin to pick out a present. Guess what she picked? A camera, what a perfect gift from Aunt Shelley to my perfect neice! It's digital and pink and has a flash and everything!

Finally, some of Tripp by himself. This is supposed to be his post isn't it!

Great Grandma

Grandma and Great Grandma

He's already winking at us! Slick!

Cousin Sydney holding Tripp