Soon to be Big Sis!

I just got a call from Erin, who is supposed to be going to the hospital tonight so that they can induce her labor. They are on their way to the hospital right now because she started bleeding and they may have to do an emergency c-section. Erin can still feel the baby kicking so she thinks everything will be okay, but as you can imagine, we're all a little worried. The plan was for me to stay the night with Braylin and take her to the hospital tomorrow to meet her new little brother or sister. Her new little brother or sister whom she insists is going to be named "Fruit". She love fruit. I'm still going to go and stay with her, the baby just may be arriving a little sooner than expected! So please, say a prayer for Erin and the baby!

Here's some pictures I took of Braylin the other day, in one of her last days as an "only child".

My favorite

Telln' Uncle Tim how it is!

Searching for bugs, one of her very favorite things to do