NYC baby!

   Arriving:  New York City, November 28, 2006







I LOVE NYC!  The end of November 2006 Tim and I went to New York to see My Morning Jacket.  For my birthday that year he surprised me with tickets to see them at The Roseland Ballroom.  It was my first time to New York and both the city and the concert were amazing!   We have been talking about getting married in Central Park ever since, so instead of buying Christmas presents this year, we had decided to take a short trip to New York some time in January or February, to see what we could plan.   We had just come to the decision that maybe it was best not to go and to save the money instead. Lucky me, little sister Lauri pointed me in the direction of some super cheap flights and then we found a super cheap hotel room.  Super cheap meaning price, no cheesy weird bedspreads or crunchy carpet for me, I just can't do it.  The fact that we decided to go last minute makes it even more exciting, cause it's more like a surprise!  The four of us will be going at the end of the month, so please pray for some half way decent weather for us!  At least let it be over 30 degrees!  


p.s.  I have read somewhere that it is not a good idea to post that you will be on vacation on your blog, to avoid giving people the heads up that it would be a nice time to break into your house.  Sooo, just incase some crazy people are reading this and think that we are going to be gone so it might be a good time to break into our house, not the best idea.  Both of our large dogs will be here still along with their wonderful doggy-sitter, their Uncle Mike.  And if that doesn't deter you, we have three crazy, luny cats.  (and there's probably not much you'd want anyway, we're famous amongst those who know us for garbage picking)

p.s.s.  If anyone has any great restaurant suggestions or places that we should go while we're there, please send me a comment.  We don't have many definite plans, so we are very open to ideas!

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