The Family Band + my style

Lauri, my youngest sister, emailed me the other day from where she is doing research to inquire about the pics of our "family band". I had forgotten all about them! Anyone who knows us knows that me and my three siblings can get a little nutty sometimes. We were all at Heidi's house a couple of weeks ago. Tommy (our baby brother) has a new, very old, very cool accordion. However, no one knows how to play it, that didn't stop us all from trying though! Next thing you know everyone is trying to play all the different instruments that Tommy owns. The spit that must have been swapped by those who tried to play the horn...Eww!

Lately I have been having an internal struggle that I am going to share with you right now. I have always been a huge fan of straight, pure photography, basically images that are unedited save color correction, sharpening etc. The stuff you would do in a dark room. Henri Cartier Bresson is one of my biggest inspirations and favorite photographers. He never even cropped out of camera. Henri Cartier Bresson at Magnum Photos

On the other hand, I have also become a huge fan of using textures and editing photos to make them look old etc. Everything you read recommends that a photographer pick a style and stay with it. Trying to choose only one way just isn't me. So for now, this indecision is my style. It probably represents me better anyway. A little tradition with a little crazy creativity thrown in.

There's more to come, but here's a preview of the band