Goofy Family Portraits

Dave is always great at calling me out in his comments!  (I'm just glad he's commenting!)  He pointing out that it has been 26 days since my last post.  26 days!  That's horrible!  Life has been crazy busy lately, but that is still unacceptable!  So this is a quick post, some pics that I didn't edit much just some exposure correction and noise reduction, but they are still fun! :)  At the beginning of this winter we went to the cider mill with my sister and her husband and our dogs. Sanjay, my brother-in-law, was kind enough to take some "family" portraits for us (they're not complete family portrait because the kitties were missing). Sanjay's never used my camera before so when I didn't change the setting to program he didn't know it and the pics were all underexposed, but luckily, I was able to lighten some of them up enough, cause I think they're really fun.  


So here we are, goofy and proud...

uh, yeah, not really sure what I was doing here...


What are we looking at?

This one would make a great Christmas card if only Lucy hadn't fallen asleep with waiting for this all to be over!


I don't remember what was going on here, but I'm gonna guess it was hard for me to get up from squatting.  Yeah, I am getting that old!


Thanks Sanjay for taking these, too fun!  I will be posting more pics from our cider mill trip eventually, I promise!  

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