why do you hate me?**

It seems like a life time ago that we all worked at The Well, bartending together. Some of my greatest friends came from working there, who would of ever thought that you would meet such amazing people working at a bar. We all love each other so much that when we didn't work at The Well anymore, we all migrated one at a time to Vivio's, where Heather (middle) was already working.

Well Rob Rose left Vivio's awhile ago and we miss him. On Saturday he came to visit and shared some wonderful news with me! He checks my blog every day! What?!? I didn't think anyone really checked it...ever! I know it seems silly to some, but that little bit of information made my day!

Rob Rose, I miss you! Thanks so much for supporting me and checking out my blog!

*I actually didn't take this picture, I think Mijo did with my camera.

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