almost over!

This semester is almost over, and I am soo excited! But also so busy, 4 exams in the next 14 days, 3 of them in one class. Because of all of this I haven't had time to blog about anything. I did however finish the photo's of The Abreact's show, American Buffalo.

There is a slide show at if anyone wants to check them all out. Be warned when I say "all" I mean all, there are over 300 of them. Chuck's expressions are worth it though if you have a moment.

Hopefully soon, I will have many more images and projects to blog about. And you can definitely count on some more of our lil Lucy! She's growing up so fast, it really is unbelievable. As far as how the different species of our "zoo" are getting along, it's actually going quite well. While they are not cuddling yet, they are all hanging out in the same room. Loki goes right up to Lucy and "kisses" her, nose to nose. And Oden let Lucy lick him two days ago, without freaking out, he was even purring. I am a total dork, I know, but hey, too bad!

Our baby is growing up :(