The Greatest Show on Earth!!!!!!!!!



Have you ever loved a band, listened to their album obsessively, and then when you see them live, you say to yourself, "What is this crap?".  I have.  A lot of bands don't sound as good live as they do on their albums.  That is in NO WAY the case with My Morning Jacket.   Who woulda ever thunk it...but could they possibly sound even better live?!  Oh yeah baby, they do!  If you don't believe me ask my sister Heidi.  She really dislikes going and seeing live music (yeah, she's crazy, but that's another post).  She came with us to the show because she does like MMJ, and we were all going so she didn't want to be left out.  Heidi smiled, the WHOLE time.  It was awesome!  During the show she could be heard saying things like "I actually like hearing all the songs, even the one's I don't know" and "I can't believe how awesome his voice is!" and the best one "I love his voice so much, I want to make out with him even though I don't think that he is probably that cute!". (Sorry Michael, I'm sure she wouldn't REALLY make out with him.)   If you have not yet heard My Morning Jacket, please, go now, check them out...they rock!  And if you decide you like them, please go see them live, please, you will not regret it.   Here's some pics that I took when we went to see them at The Filmore.  I grabbed Heidi and we pushed our way up to the front.  I haven't done that in many, many years.  I'm at the age where I'm just as happy to stand back, somewhere in the center, where the sound it the best.  That's old age for you, good sound over the excitement of trying to touch the lead singer, oh well.  We did get close this time.  

Here's the pics (correction: 1 picture) straight from the iPhone, no editing...

Luckily (see below) this one was my favorite anyway


Here's a link to My Morning Jacket's website

*Side note #1:  Tim brought home an acoustic CD by Jim James (lead singer of MMJ) and just when I thought I couldn't love them anymore, OMG!  I'm one of those annoying people who can listen to the same CD over and over and over again when I get really hooked.  This is one of those CD's.  

***Side note #2 is a plea for help!:  I have been trying to post this since Tuesday!  I feel like I am losing my mind!  Something is up with my blog and the administrative pages are loading SOO slow, they're basically not loading.  This post had a bunch of pics I was going to include, but I can't get them on here.  This is soo frustrating!  If anyone has any suggestions, please, please, help me out.

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