Everyday? We'll see...

My dear friend Coco, left me a very amusing voicemail yesterday expressing his exasperation when he comes to my blog and there is not a new post.  I have been instructed that I MUST post at least one photo every day.  Believe me, I love blogging my work, so that would be ideal.  The days just get away from me sometimes and I don't get to the blogging part of my day.  I "try" not to use the word "try".  I heard the saying somewhere once that "trying is failing with dignity, you will either do something or you don't".  Well I really liked that saying and have used it since, however... as far as blogging everyday goes... I don't want to say I will try...  I will however PROMISE to post more often, sorry Coco, that's all I've got for now. I'm getting ready for a wedding this afternoon and am doing some quick editing of Heather and Chris's wedding in the mean time.  Here's a shot from the day before the wedding when every one was setting up.

This one's for you Fathead!  I love you!

If you don't know us, that crazy man above is Tommy, my dear friend I spoke of above.  Yes, he really is that crazy, crazier probably.  A little background about the nicknames, Tommy used to try and make us call him T-Bone, not because of, but just like George on Seinfeld.  If you are a Seinfeld fan you know that that backfired on George and they started calling him Coco after Coco the Monkey.  I, of course, had to make sure it backfired on Tommy also, and I started calling him Coco.  Somehow it has turned into Coco Chanel sometimes and that's why I spell it C-O-C-O.   As far as Fathead goes, I don't even remember how it started.  I just know that one time all of us girls made shirts that said I love Fathead on them and surprised Tommy by wearing them to a huge party we were having, he loved it of course!  If anyone can remember, send me a comment and tell me why.

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