Shelley's done it!

Well, Tim and I are proud new parents again for the 4th time! Yes, we did it! That little puppy was all I could think about since Thursday night! So she is now ours. I was kinda a basket case making the decision. I was so worried about the cats. So far it's been ok. I was most worried about Oden, but it seems that Mugsy is having the hardest time. Hissing some, but at least she's not hiding. Loki's doing her usual thing, coming out when she feels like it. I think that the fact that the cats are all out and standing their ground is a good sign! We are taking it slow, keeping Lucy in her crate to let the cats get comfortable with the idea of her. (don't worry, she's not in the crate all the time, just around the cats) It's crazy, but she loves that thing already and is going in it on her own to relax.

All the cats would sneek up to the crate in the kitchen: Here's Loki doing it

If you look carefully Oden is peeking from behind the stove and the top of Mugsy's head is peeking over the top stair on the right side

Oden, he did make it a little farther than this

Mugsy stretching a little more to try and see what was going on, poor thing is pretty freaked

Lucy already loves her stuffed sheep, she's carrying it around plops her head down on it

She's so tired, she kept crawling into her crate and napping