We took my mom today to get a new puppy!  She wanted a golden retriever.  We soo lucked out and a friend had a friend who had a friend (don't you love the bar business) who had pure bred golden retrievers that she was giving away.  Just to clarify, pure bread in my family really means nothing.  Every dog we've ever had has looked exactly the same.  I just call them "Detroit" dogs.  If you live here, you know what I mean, they are all black and brown.  In pictures of the dogs my family has owned, we never even know which one is which.  They're great dogs, and we always would get an older dog from the humane society, cause my dad always told us that somebody else will take the puppies, we needed to save the adults.  There are two in my family right now, my mom has Rudy and my sister Heidi has Cali.

Cali, example of a "Detroit" dog

So back to the puppies!  It took all of my will power not to bring one home!  And I mean all.  Tim and I are both super softies when it comes to animals.  He is sometimes worse than me, always wanting to get another cat (his reasoning being we don't have one in every color yet, yeah, he's that cute or crazy!)  We made it out of there without a new baby, but I'll tell you, it is still on my mind.  We left the last of a litter of 9 all by herself, with no more brothers and sisters.  On the way out, I couldn't talk, for fear that the tears would start.
Crystal is the woman who has the mama, and also an older brother of these adorable little ones.  She was so great and welcoming to us!  I appreciate it so much.  It is always nice to meet people who are so kind and actually care about their animals!  Thank you Crystal!
You've always got to make out a lil before going home together! : )

This is us pouting to Tim that we should all go home together.

This one is my favorite!  How funny are they?  I think it's love.

And this is Rosie, she actually got to go to her new home tonight!