Izze Supermodel {detroit pet photography}

Tonight Tim and I are going to see David Gray and Ray LaMontagne at Meadowbrook.  Even though I have seen both before, I am super excited because I know how awesome they are live individually, so imagine both in the same venue at the same time!  Considering it's 4:33pm, I really should be getting in the shower and getting ready.  I have been a little distracted though watching this very cool and free :) live broadcast of a wedding workshop by Jasmine Star and creativeLIVE.    Just to put me behind a little bit more, I decided that I needed to put together a blog post.  I am very guilty of squeezing in as many things as I possibly can in a short amount of time.  Yes this sometimes backfires, but very often Tim is in complete shock that I manage to get done what I do, so I am going to stick with it for now.  AND, I have been on roll (sorta) with blogging, I have been really trying to make sure I blog at least a couple of times a week. This past weekend my sister Lauri and her fiance ( & my friend first :)  Ryan came over to go for a bike ride and brought along their new puppy Izze.  Half chiuaua, half pomeranian, she is super tiny and super cute.  I of course had to grab my camera and do an impromptu little session.  Man is she fast!  It is not very easy to get a puppy to stay still long enough to frame a good shot, let alone get them in focus.  We managed to get a few that I think show her supermodel-ness.

P.S. Please excuse if my spelling or grammar isn't perfect, I'm rushing a bit :)