Halloween for Thanksgiving

I think that if you're keeping score, I may have missed a day or two of posting :)   Right now, I'm making my first ever homemade Apple Crumble pie from scratch.   While it's baking I figured that since it's Thanksgiving, it's about time I posted these Halloween pics of my niece and nephew.  It can count as a Thanksgiving post because Braylin and William are definitely two of the people I am most thankful for.  Along with my family (that includes you Lucy, Murphy, Oden, Mugsy, and Loki) and my amazing friends, I also have extra to be thankful for this year as this is my first Thanksgiving as a married woman!  Thank you Timmey, for being such an amazingly supportive husband who always believes that I can do anything, even when I doubt myself, you never do. Oh, and I cannot forget that I had the most amazing wedding!  I am so thankful for that amazing trip and to everyone who was able to join us!  Okay, before I go on forever with all of my thankfulness, here are the cutest kids ever! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

getting ready...



William was not loving the getting ready part so much :)





I think this face says "Are we done yet?"


Beautiful Snow White!




William may not have love the costume, but he loved the candy!  Here he is sneaking back up to his own porch to grab some treats.


...but he was more than willing to share once he "stole" some :)


Mom and Dad walking William on his first trip Trick or Treating.  Get outta the frame Uncle Timmey!


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