Aaron & Beth Wedding Sneak Peek || detroit wedding photographer.

You may have noticed that my last few blog posts have been sneak peeks and not full posts.  I have quite a few events that I am working on simultaneously, but I want for everyone to get at least one peek at themselves.   I know it may not seem like it, but I still have not given up on my goal of blogging everyday. Personally, I follow many blogs and I know I hate it when my favorite ones aren't updated regularly.  How much do I suck?  Doing exactly what I hate...ok, note to self... must work harder at setting aside time to blog.  (and I promise I will get a peek of my own wedding up soon, thank you to the people have been asking!) so getting on with it...here are Aaron & Beth, they were married at Belle Isle Casino in Detroit.  Talk about a fun wedding, it totally rocked!  (and I mean that literally!)  Since this is just a "peek"  I'm going to cut it short and give you the "peek" :)

Beth, you look AMAZING!



and in case you didn't believe me about the rocking out, here is photographic proof.   I told you it was a fun wedding :)


**edited to add:  For those of you who care, (and maybe also the "ISO Club" from Jamaica :))  The pic above of Aaron singing was taken at ISO 12,800 on my 5D Mark II.  12,800!!!!  I LOVE my camera!

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