Goose and Murphs, out front

We have had Murphy now for 8 months and it's hard to imagine he was ever not a part of our family.  He is definitely a perfect fit.  Here's some recent pictures of him and Lucy in front of our house.  We are working on teaching Murphy to stay in the front yard off his leash like Lucy does and he is actually doing quite well.  That is, as long as his buddy, Muffin, our five year old neighbor doesn't ride by on her bike, cause he loves to run with her down the sidewalk!  Or as long as his collie buddies, Mac and Sisco, don't step out of their house, because that sends him running down the block to see them.  Okay...he needs some work, but he's doing great considering! All right enough jiber-jaber (Did I just type that?, Is that even a word?  You get the idea, right?)



Seriously?!?!  Look at the look on Lucy's face!  Love, love, love this picture!  Love it too much!





Tim calls Murphs our cartoon dog in this photo.  He could be in a Pixar film!MurphsandLucy-007