When I was 24 years old, I broke up with my boyfriend whom I was living with and with no where else to go, moved back home for awhile.  It was a hard transition for me, leaving my own home.  Changing my day to day life so much, not having my own space, breaking up with a boyfriend, I felt a little lost.  My parents welcomed me back and didn't seem to mind at all that I was there, but it was still hard.  Rudy became my buddy during that time.  He started sleeping in bed with me every night, something he had never done with anyone before.  It was like he knew I needed to be comforted and... it worked.   Obviously I eventually got over it, but Rudy would still sleep with me.  Then I moved out again, my parents got a divorce, my mom moved 2 hours away, and I didn't see Rudy as much.  Luckily for me, he had been there exactly when I needed him.  Just like he was for me, he has been there for my mom when she has needed him.  He was by her side through divorce and moving.  Rudy was with her when she fell in love again, and then by her side when her fiance became sick and eventually passed away.  Nothing can make all of that okay, but I know that having Rudy around gave my mom a sense of comfort. Tim and I eventually got our own dogs and we would take them to go see Rudy and his new sister Rosie.  Even at 16 years old, he would get excited and run with them some.  He was patient and tolerant of their "puppy-ness".  He actually seemed to enjoy having them around making him feel younger again.

My mom's birthday was July 21 and we took the dogs to her house to have dinner.  While I was there I took some pics of Rudy, but on the way home I thought to myself that I needed to make a special trip to get some good shots of him because he was getting older and I wouldn't have much time.  Unfortunately I didn't make it back in time.  One week ago today, Rudy passed away.  His passing was mostly calm and peaceful, I am so thankful for that.  But it was still so sad.   Rudy was my buddy, he was the last "family dog" my family will ever have.  He was loved and cherished.   He will be greatly missed.

I never had my official photo shoot with Rudy, but here are some photos I have taken of him over the years.