coolness & my fav little girl

I just realized the COOLEST thing!  If you have an iphone or ipod touch, you can save a shelley torgerson blog icon to your home page and access my blog with just one click!  Now don't I feel important! Here's how you do it, it's super simple

Visit on your iPhone, select the “+” option and then “Add to Home Screen”, then click add at the top right. My blog icon will be your iphone for your easy 1-click picture extravaganza.  Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but there is some awesomeness to this, for sure!

I'm on my laptop, without my external hard drive connected, so I don't have a lot of pictures at my fingertips.  However, I hate posts without pictures, so I am going to share with you one that I love from a Christmas shoot with the Gregory/Hickey children that somehow remains on my desktop.  Braylin is my niece, and her Uncle Timmey and I have been in awe of her greatness since the day she was born, no joke, I'm talking serious AWE!  On the day of her birth at the hospital, when I first looked down at her, I just could not believe how much I loved her.  How could I love her this much?  I didn't know her at all, she had only been on this earth for a few hours!  AND, she isn't even MY child.  Don't get me wrong, I love all babies.   But if it's possible to have a connection with an infant instantly, I did.  My little genius contantly astounds us with her perfect speech and vocabulary, and her understanding of EVERTHING!  We have been saying all along, "I can't beleve she's only one, or two, or three..." I'm sure this will continue.  When she was just a tiny newborn, I used to whisper in her ear all the time that I knew she was a genius, I could just tell by looking at her.

Sometimes her intelligence does not always make things easier though, as her mom was telling me today.  Sometimes she can know too much and that can lead to a little bit of defiance and obstanance.   But I wouldn't have her any other way, in her Aunt Shelley's eyes she will always be perfect.  How could you not love a three year old who can look this annoyed!?!?

Braylin is the in the back on the left (if you didn't figure that out :) )


****edited to add****  Don't think for one second that any of that means I don't love that little guy, William, just as much.   I just haven't spent as much time with him, and well, Bray's my girl.