a little OCD

Not only did I stay up until 2am last night messing with this blog and another blog on wordpress, it's 1am right now and I've been at it again, forever! Is it possible to have selective OCD? I know that you are going to look at this blog and think, "Huh?" I know, I know, what could have taken me so long? OCD + so many options= hours and hours! On top of the OCD, I actually find it kinda fun to try and figure out the HTML. Maybe I shouldn't be admitting that! Anyway, I am going to try and leave this alone for a bit...but I make no promises. Everything could always be better...

The point of this blog is to be to be able to post more photo's more quickly. It is me so, I'm going to guess that posts may be drawn out and a lil personal sometimes. If it bores you, skip it! For the few of you who do read this (Uncle Gary, Mom, & Barb), "Thank You!" I promise to try to keep it interesting!

This is Braylin saying "ooohh so exciting!"

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